Greeceonwheels part of theStS company based in the Netherlands and Greece, enables its users to book travel services over its online platform, Greeceonwheels is an intermediate between agencies. The user uses Greeceonwheels only as an intermediate or an arranger and not as a transport service.

By submitting a completed booking form through the online platform ( ride request or service request of the user) to Greeceonwheels, the users makes an offer for the conclusion of an arrangement agreement. The object of this agreement is the arrangement of the travel service to meet the users ride request.

The agreement between the agency and user is only valid upon confirming by email by Greeceonwheels its self ( booking confirmation).

The user can choose between transfer rides and hourly booking for their ride request.
When the actually ride request requires additional effort compared to the original ride request, Greeceonwheels should carry this out where possible.
The extra effort may request in additional costs for the previous individual arrangement.

Paying methods are deposits by bank, or upon agreement payment to the driver by card or cash ( previous agreed by both parties)

In the case of transfer services the price quoted is valid for a start and destination address .

For hourly bookings the trip must always end in the municipal area of the pick up location.

The user can choose from different vehicle classes for their ride request.

The price given in the booking confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage’s specified on the booking form, also includes all highway fees and taxes .

Carriage of children, the need for safety seats for children should be requested by the user as an additional comment, by specifying the number and age of children to be transported.

Cancelations,for transfer services upon 7 pers the cancellation is free of charge if there is more than 6 hours left before the agreed pick up.
For, mini buses and busses there is no charge, if the cancellation takes place a week prior, pass this time frame the cancellation fee increases with 14% each day goes by .

No show is not refundable

Behavior in the vehicle, no drugs or alcohol is allowed, smoking is prohibited.

Stretch hours are applicable only by prior agreement.

Vehicles Greeceonwheels subcontracts individuals and obligates them to maintain and preserve the vehicle in top condition, all vehicles are insured and passengers riding on them are insured

Documents: user is obligated to fill in the requested forms, using their true credentials, due to strict restrictions and regulations applied by the Greek government we may ask for more than one name on a booking in order to compose a pick up voucher for a port or airport transportation.